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Denver is the largest and 2nd populous city of the state of Colorado. Because the city if one of the US highest cities above sea level, it’s nicknamed the Mile-High City. Denver’s population is estimated with 634,265. The city was named by General William Larimer after James W. Denver, Kansas city Territorial Governor by the end of 1850s.

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The founding of the city dates back to 1858, when Gold prospectors built Montana City and that was the first establishments in the city, but the site later abandoned for Auraria. The site was accessible to the available trails and was the place of seasonal encampments of the Arapaho and Cheyenne.

The economy of Denver was based on services for miners. In 1861, the Colorado Territory was created. By the end of 1860s, the opulence of the city was being threatened after the transcontinental railroad routed through Cheyenne, some 100 miles away from Denver. But, the residents with the leading of Walter Cheesman, David Moffat, and Governor John Evans, they collected the fundraisings to build a road linking to the transcontinental railroad. And the project has completed in June 1870.

The Democratic National Convention was hosted in the city twice, the first in 1908 and the second comes a century later, in 2008. And such events are chances for a city to promote its status on the socioeconomic and politic level. Denver was always and still being a major mining city. Even today, energy companies spring in the area including in search for silver and gold.

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